I love her hair - Meana Wolf

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DickRamsey 2 years ago
Never would’ve thought of that. But now that I’ve seen it, I want it lol!
I’d luv to stuff meana’s holes and have her jack me off in her hair on her face.
Thank you Meana you’re the best!!!
Fetish4Longhair 2 months ago
I want sit on her shoulders, feel her long hair with my hard dick, balls and legs and cum.
At last I want lay on her back and feel her long hair with my naked body while fuck her ass
almost 9 months ago
i was hella on board till i saw hair get stuffed into the pussy, and then going in after it, i just have a perceptive issue with the feel that would bring and question how that is pleasureable, i dont even like when i use a towel that puts a longer hair that isnt mine onto my dick after a shower on accident, doing this on purpose to that degree seemed off for me, overall good video, but that weird hair move was gonna dock a point or two there for me, 7/10
What You! 1 year ago
Never Emagin! My Mind is Blown! That also Sexy! I Would Wash Your Hair After I Came Harder Probably Give Me as Heart Attack!
MSB ;( 1 year ago
Uma mina linda dessa, e o cara brisa no cabelo, negócio é comer de vários jeitos... Queria eu no lugar desse troxa:( kkk